2 Fabulous Pork Crock Pot Recipes 2 Fabulous Pork Crock Pot Recipes

Here are 2 fabulous pork crock pot recipes. The first recipe is a slow cooked pork shoulder.

The flavor and tenderness of a pork shoulder is very hard to beat. The pork shoulder is one of the family's favorite cuts. It consists of a boneless pork shoulder. It is cooked at low temperature for perfection. A tangy mixture of jelly and mustard are well suited.

3 large onions preferably sliced
a boneless pork shoulder roast
pepper and salt
24 ounces of best apple jelly
half a cup of chicken broth
3 tablespoons of mustard


First step is to arrange the onion slices in the crock pot. They should be placed on the bottom. The roast pork should be washed and then dried. Leaving it in its netting, the onions should be placed. The remaining ingredients get combined in a separate bowl. The mixture has to be poured over the pork roast. Cook on high for 2 hours, while the crock pot is covered. Then turn to low and cook for another 8 hours.

The second pork crock pot recipe is for brown sugar pork loin.

This is a delicious, sweet and easily spiced recipe. It is to be served with mashed potatoes and a dish of vegetables prepared as you wish.


a pork loin roast with no bones, preferably weighing about 5 pounds
a garlic, also halved
salt and pepper
2 cups of sugar, brown and divided
a tablespoon of mustard
a tablespoon of vinegar
a teaspoon of nice cinnamon


The pork roast is to be washed first of all. Pat dry, rub it with the garlic and trim any excess fat. Sprinkle the salt and pepper. Use a skewer to prick the roast everywhere. Combine the sugar, the vinegar and the mustard in a bowl. Use the mixture to rub it all over the pork roast. Cook for 8 hours at low temperature. The crock pot should be covered. Spread the cinnamon over the pork. Continue the cook for one more hour on low.

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