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Perfect How to Recipe for Jello Shots Perfect How to Recipe for Jello Shots by Jon Tsourakis

If you’re looking to add some spice to an event or upcoming party, jello shots are your answer! Becoming more popular every year, jello shots aren’t a new addition to the drinking scene. The recipe actually dates back to 1862, but the edible drink has certainly reemerged. Jello shooters as they’re also commonly called are now sold at bars, found at frat get-togethers, and even handed out at weddings.
If you haven’t tried one of these tasty little pleasures, you’re missing out. Consisting mainly of three ingredients: water, gelatin, and normally vodka, it’s an easy treat to make. Of course, you can use other spirits such as rum and bourbon, but that’s up to you.
There’s a myriad of different ways to make these shooters, but we’re going to start with the fundamental vodka recipe that makes about 32 cups of alcohol infused gelatin love.

What You Need-
1- 6 oz box of gelatin. Jell-O is actually a brand name. Generic/store brands work just fine. Flavor is also an option. I prefer cherry, but it’s up to you and there’s no preparation difference between flavors.
2- cups of vodka. Again, the brand here is not important. Vodka is supposed to be tasteless, and more often than not, the “less expensive” is a great alternative to the “high dollar” top shelf brands. If you want to double the flavor of your shot, get the same flavored vodka as your gelatin, i.e., cherry vodka with cherry jello.
2-cups of water. I normally use filtered water because the tap water where I’m located is awful.
32- plastic jello shot cups. Size does matter. You want 2 oz cups with lids.
1- Large bowl for mixing
1- Large baking sheet or tray. We’re not baking anything. This is to put the cups on and easily place them in the refrigerator.
1- Ladle
Boil the two cups of water in a teakettle or clean pot. Dump the powered gelatin into the mixing bowl and pour the boil water on top. Mix thoroughly until all powder is liquid. Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature. Don’t try to speed up the process by placing it in the fridge unless you’re going to constantly check it. At room temperature add the vodka, stirring as you pour it in. Sprawl the 32 cups out on the tray. Begin pouring the vodka in each cup. I find it easiest to use a ladle to pour. Place the tray in the refrigerator and allow 5.5 - 6 hrs to set. Enjoy!

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