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Affordable Yet Tasty Toaster Oven Sandwich

By Roger Mitch

The first-ever electric toaster oven was invented in 1910 by a man
named William Hadawy. This guy also designed and developed the
toaster for the Westinghouse Corporation, which is still one of the
leading toaster oven manufacturers today. Today, however, the oven
toaster have moved beyond simply toasting different types of bread, for
it can bake, broil roast and toast different types of food. From chicken,
turkey, pork, beef, fish, veal and other recipes, the oven toasters of the
present day can do it all for you.

Cool Toaster Oven Sandwich Recipes

If you have guests coming over for lunch or dinner, and you serve them
different types of dishes and recipes, they’d probably be so surprised if
they knew you cooked all of these on your small, but powerful, oven
toaster. Here are some unique and tasty toaster oven recipes to

Cuban Sandwich Recipe

The ingredients for cooking a delicious Cuban sandwich include 2 loaves
Cuban or French bread (sliced in half), ¼ cup mayonnaise, 4 slices
Swiss cheese, 4 small thinly-sliced dill pickles, half pound sliced cooked
pork loin, half pound sliced cook ham, and two tablespoons melted butter.

- Once the ingredients are in place, preheat the oven toaster to 400°F,
and spread mayonnaise over the sliced bread surfaces.

- Place cheese, pork and ham and pickle slice on one half, and cover it
with the second bread slice.

- Cut the bread in half and put it on slightly-oiled iron skillet.

- Push down the sandwiches using a spatula or hands, and brush the top
with butter.

- Bake the Cuban sandwich for twenty minutes, until it becomes crisp and
slightly golden brown.

Parisian Beef Sandwich Recipe

In baking Parisian beef sandwich, the ingredients include 1 loaf French
bread, 1 lb cooked slice roast beef, 1/5 lb softened cheese, ¼ cup
mango chutney mix.

- Turn on the toaster oven, and spread some oil over the cut bread sides.

- Toast for minute until the bread turns golden.

- Put roast beef and cheese on one side, and return to the toaster until
the cheese becomes bubbly.

- Top the sandwiches with the sliced bread half, and serve once the heat

While the early versions of the toaster oven were only good for toasting
breads, and cooking simple recipes, today’s new line of toasters combine
essential oven functions, and are great for broiling, baking and even

This valuable and reliable piece of kitchen equipment can now cook
different types of meat, as well as toast and broil vegetables and other
food items. What makes this kitchen appliance so appealing is that while
it’s a bit small, it can effectively handle most entrees, and still have
enough room to spare.

This kitchen appliance also uses only a small fraction of electricity as
compared to regular ovens, and most toaster oven designs today also
carry extra-useful accessories like a broiling tray, cookie sheets and
more. This kitchen appliance is definitely a must-have item for individuals
who don’t usually prepare large meals everyday.

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