• Barbecue chicken slowly and barbecue only half chickens.  
    When I go out to cook chicken for my friends, it is an all-
    afternoon affair.  First I ice down some adult beverages
    (Beer) and some cokes also.  Then I get my half chickens,
    the ones I have been marinating in Italian dressing in the
    cooler all night.  I get my charcoal and fire-up the ole grill.  I
    get me a nice light to medium fire going, then comes the
    chicken and the first beer.  Now one thing you must make
    sure of is that you have a comfortable chair and some
    shade.  Like I said,  this is an all-afternoon affair.  

  • The chicken cooks for at least 3 hours on a light to medium
    fire.  Don't hurry the chicken. To give you something to do
    other than drink beer, turn the chicken over every 40
    minutes or so.  Check with your thermometer the temp.  If
    the thick part of the breast has reached 150 degrees you
    are getting close.  The birds breast must be at a hot 170
    degrees when it’s done.  Now in the last 30 minutes of
    cooking, get you some good barbecue sauce.  Now this is a
    subject in its self, barbecue sauce is personal.  I like a sweet
    and a little spicy sauce.  Email me if you like some
    suggestions in this area colin@grilladventures.com.  

  • Now the afternoon has been great and all your buddies
    have been looking over the fence and trying to get invited to
    test your creation. You are just about ready to bite into this
    great smelling and tasting chicken. So you get some fixins
    as brother Stewart would call it! Some potato salad and
    beans and chow down. So next time try slow chicken
    barbecue - you will love it!

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