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Cooking Tip, How to Roast Chestnuts by Mirjan

It is enjoyable to be aware of how to roast chestnuts, as, roasted
chestnuts make a scrumptious snack. By itself, you can avail roasted
chestnuts at a number of vendors at every street, yet to roast them at
home can be tried just to learn something new. Chestnuts are popular
with approximately everyone in the family and when you roast them at
home, everyone can have a larger share than purchased from the
hawker. Therefore if you roast them at home infrequently, it is
enjoyable for you and your family.

Chestnuts can be roasted making use of varying techniques. They can
be roasted salted or plain too. If you desire that they must be as
alluring as well as tasty as the ones you have at the hawker, there are
certain small secrets also, which you can adopt and you can make a
proper expert-looking bite by yourself.

Prior to roasting, the chestnuts are required to be administered slits on
the non-flat side, rather in the shape of an X. You can avail a
particular knife also in stores which makes an X on the chestnuts. This
knife is useful if you desire to roast chestnuts in greater numbers. If
you want to roast a moderate quantity, the common knife in your home
is sufficient for performing the work. The incisions are for permitting
the steam off the nuts when they are being roasted, otherwise the nuts
are likely to blow up in the oven. They are also of use while you peel
off the nuts after roasting.

After wiping them using a damp napkin, put the chestnuts on the
cutting board with their flat side down. As a safety measure, you can
put them on a clean tissue also, so that they won’t slip from your
hands while they are being cut, which can cut your fingers. If you long
for salty roasted chestnuts, have a container of water and mix 2-3
tablespoons of salt in it and place the nuts for soaking in the salty
water for approximately sixty minutes. After that drain and wipe them
with a fresh dish tissue. Spread them on a cookie sheet with the flat
sides down. Even at this point, you can sprinkle salt, for salted

Heat the oven at a temperature of 425° F and roast the chestnuts for
15-20 minutes. It is desirable to turn them upside down after
approximately 10 minutes and then ensure after twenty minutes
whether they are ready. You can test if they are done when their shells
tear off and the inner pulp becomes golden brown. Take precaution
that they are not overcooked; otherwise or else as a minimum some of
them will be spoiled and won’t be worth eating.

If you don’t want them salted, yet want them as fleshy and succulent as
you purchase them at the hawkers, there is a technique for that. Give
the X-shaped incisions and boil the nuts, in plain water for nearly 15-
20 minutes and they are done! There is no need to roast them.
However, still if you intend to a roasted appearance over them, you
can scorch them. With the help of this procedure, you get all your nuts
appropriately cooked and almost each is worth eating. Also you can
skin them off with ease.

Thus these are some of the secrets of how to roast chestnuts.

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