What you need:

  • 12 to 15 lb capless prime rib (aka export rib), bone in
  • 1 c good barbecue rub

What you do:

  • Rub the prime rib all over with barbecue rub.
  • In the grill/smoker, start a fire well over to one side.  When the
    coals are well lit, place the rib on the grill grid on the side
    opposite the coals, being careful that no part of the rib is directly
    over the coals.  Put the lid on the grill with the vents 1/4 open.  
    Cook for approximately 2 hours, adding a handful of fresh
    charcoal every 30 minutes or so.  
  • At the 2 hour point, check the rib with a meat thermometer to
    determine doneness:  Remove from the fire at 118 F for very
    rare, 122 F for rare, 126 F for medium rare and so on, adding 4
    F for each degree of doneness.  Allow to rest for 30 minutes
    before slicing.
  • Yield: 6 -12 servings.

  • Recipe submitted by Colin at:  GrillAdventures.com
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