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German Spaetzle an Authentic German Recipe

German Spaetzle an Authentic German Recipe

  • With the popularity of German food these days there are many now so
    authentic German recipes out there. Follow this recipe exactly and you are
    gaurenteed to have an authentic German spaetzle that everyones mouth with
    water for.

  • Whether you have enjoyed German food in the past or not you will love this
    delicious German dish. If you think you have had an authentic German Spaetzle
    before be sure to try this recipe out to be sure that old recipe really is authentic
    German food. This is one of my favorite German recipes provided by my wife
    Claudia and I think you will enjoy it just as much as I do.

  • This German Spaetzle is a good combination with many dishes, for example,
    pork steak, schnitzle, gulasch and many other meats. This dish can also be
    served as just a snack. I enjoy this dish with a jagerschnitzle with jagersauce
    (mushroom sauce). If you follow this recipe exactly right you will end up with a
    Spaetzle just as good as those served in top notch German restaurants or even
    better. With such a simple recipe almost anyone can do it and with the very few
    ingredients that are easy accesible this recipe should never be a problem to
    whip up at any time.

  • Ingredients: 3 cups flour, 4 eggs, 1/4 tsp. Nutmeg (optional), 1 1/2 tsp. Salt, 1
    quart cold water

  • Directions: Stir flour, eggs, salt and 1/2 cup of water.� Beat until batter is
    smooth and no longer sticks to the spoon.� Add water as needed.� The
    spaetzle dough can be firm enough to be rolled and cut into slivers or soft
    enough to be forced through a sieve, colander or spaetzle-maker with large
    holes. Boil a pot of salted water.� If you have a Spaetzle press, press the
    dough through the press and into the boiling water.� If you do not have a
    press, place dough on cutting board and roll out.� Cut dough into tiny noodles.
    � Add noodles to boiling water. They cook quickly and are done when they float
    to the surface.� As the noodles finish cooking, remove them with a slotted
    spoon. You can saute' the noodles in a Tbsp. of butter before serving.� Other
    suggestions:� Serve with brown gravy or beef stock. If you do not want to use
    the egg yolks, use the egg whites and add some yellow food coloring for color.