Snack Recipes for the Budget-Wise Snack Recipes for the Budget-Wise by Patrick Carpen

Many people don't realize how easy it can be to spend about the same amount of money on a snack food as one would for a small meal. Instead of opting for an unhealthy or expensive store-bought snack, why not make your own? The following recipes will not only give you the much needed mid-day boost of energy, but they will do so at a very low price!

Chicken Salad with Crackers

1 can of chicken breast chunks (drained)
2 tbsp of mayonnaise (alter to suit your own taste)
1 tbsp of ranch dressing
2 tbsp of relish
ritz crackers

Dump the chicken chunks into a small bowl and shred with a fork. Add the mayonnaise, ranch dressing, and relish and mix well. Put a nice dollop of the chicken salad onto each ritz cracker and enjoy!

Tuna Sandwich

1 can of tuna (drained)
2 tbsp of mayonnaise (Miracle Whip is good for this)
a pinch of dill
2 chopped green onions
1/4 cucumber (sliced)
muenster, cheddar, or provolone cheese (whichever you prefer)
2 slices of bread

In a small bowl, mix together the tuna, mayonnaise, dill, and green onions. When the mixture is thoroughly blended, spread thickly over one slice of bread. Add a slice of Muenster or provolone cheese (or grated cheddar, if you prefer). Top with cucumber slices and remaining slice of bread.

Chips and Guacamole Dip

2 avocados (pits removed)
2 cups cottage cheese
2 tomatoes (diced)
1/2 cup sweet onion (diced)
1 jalapeno pepper (seeded and minced)
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1 lemon (juiced)
salt and pepper to taste
tortilla chips or your favorite veggies

Scoop the "meat" out of the avocado shells and place in a medium-sized bowl. Mash well with a fork. Stir in the lemon juice. Combine the cottage cheese, onions, tomatoes, jalapeno pepper, garlic powder, and salt and pepper. Stir very well and cover. Place in the refrigerator for at least an hour before serving.

Fruit Pizza

1 roll of refrigerated sugar cookie dough
2 pkgs of cream cheese
fruit (kiwi, strawberries, bananas, blueberries)
1/2 cup of sugar
1 tsp of vanilla extract
pizza pan

Flatten the cookie dough out over the pizza pan. Bake the cookie dough as directed on the packaging. In a microwave-safe bowl, heat the cream cheese until it softens. Add the vanilla extract and sugar. Mix very well. Spread the cream cheese over the top of the sugar cookie, but make sure the cookie has completely cooled before doing so. Just before serving, slice the fruit and arrange on top of the cream cheese. Leftovers can be refrigerated, but it is recommended that you remove the fruit beforehand.

Crab Rolls

6 plain croissants
12 oz of cooked prepared crab meat
1/3 cup of mayonnaise
2/3 cup of blue cheese salad dressing
1/2 cup of Asiago cheese (grated)
1 cup of seasoned breadcrumbs
2 cloves of garlic
1 large tomato (diced)
1 cup of onion (minced)
salt and pepper to taste

Mix together the cooked crab meat, mayonnaise, blue cheese dressing, onion, garlic, and breadcrumbs. Fold in the tomato gently and season with salt and pepper as desired. Also fold in the Asiago cheese (or you can save this to sprinkle on top of the prepared rolls). Cut each croissant length-wise and fill with about half a cup of the crab mixture. You might find that removing a bit of the inside of the croissant allows for more crab mixture to be inserted. Save leftovers in an air-tight container for tomorrow's snack!

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