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Worlds Best Chili Recipe

The real important thing about chili is that you need to cook it down so this is not a great recipe for the crock pot. You need to cook this chili in a large stock pot that you have sprayed with a good quality vegetable cooking spray. This will keep your chili from sticking as you cook it.

I cook most of my chili recipes in large stock pot and I cook my chili slow over low to medium heat. this way the chili gets a chance to cook down and thicken and this will be some of the best chili that you will ever eat. The quality of your ingredients is very important when you are making chili. I like to use Mexican chili powder in my chili but you can use your favorite brand of chili powder in this chili and you should end up with a wonderful chili as long as you cook it down over low heat and follow the other directions.

You will need for your Worlds Best Chili.

1. Two Pounds Of Pork Chop ( Boneless ) Cut Up Into One Inch Pieces.

2. Two Pounds Beef Chuck Roast Cut Up Into One Inch Pieces.

3. One Pound Ground Chuck.

4. Four Tablespoons Vegetable Cooking Oil.

5. One Cup Sweet Onion Diced Up Very Fine.

6. One Cup Celery Diced Up Very Fine.

7. One Cup Green Bell Pepper Dicd Up Very Fine.

8. Four Tablespoons Mexican Chili Powder.

9. Two 28 Ounce Cans Diced Tomatoes.

10. Two Six Ounce Cans Tomato Paste.

11. Four 16 Ounce Cans Red Kidney Beans Washed And Drained Well.

12. One Teaspoon Powdered Cumin.

13. One Teaspoon Ground Se Salt.

14. Two Tablespoons Minced Fresh Garlic.

15. Four Regular Size Cans Beef Broth.

Those are your 15 ingredients for your Worlds Best Chili.

Step 1. Take 2 tablespoons of the vegetable cooking oil and add it to a large skillet. To the skillet add all your meat and the garlic. Cook stirring often until all the meat is brown on all sides. Now drain off all juices and add the meat to a large stock pot.

Step 2. Now take two tablespoons of vegetable cooking oil and add it to a large skillet with all your vegetables. Cook your vegetables slow over low to medium heat until the vegetables are done. Now add the vegetables to the large stock pot.

Step 3. Now add all the rest of your ingredients to the large stock pot and stir well. Bring your large stock pot almost to a boil and then reduce the heat to a low to medium heat. You will want to cook your chili for a minimum of four hours on low to medium heat until the liquid is reduced and thickened.

I can not stress enough that you need to cook your chili down slow over low to medium heat in order to cook away some of the liquid and also to thicken your chili. This is the real secret of what makes a really wonderful bowl of chili.

You can serve jalapeno slices, sour creme, diced onions, shredded Mexican cheese, and taco chips on the side with your chili and let each person add what they like to their bowl of chili.

I like to offer squares of corn bread with this chili and it really adds something to this chili. Add a square of corn bread in the bottom of a large soup bowl and then pour the chili over the cornbread. Then add what other condiments you want to your bowl of chili.

You have now made the worlds best chili and you now need to CLICK HERE and make the corn bread recipe you will find to go with your worlds best chili.

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I have been making and winning chili contests for over thirty years now. I hope you will CLICK HERE and check out another really great chili recipe I have for everyone.